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Any beverage in a tetra pack can be made to taste scrumptious. But how many beverage companies can create a fusion of taste and nourishment for your gut? Because when an enterprise backed by a team of dedicated individuals toils and sweats for years to prepare such a concoction, it is called love.

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Doled out with 100% natural and organic ingredients, we have something for everyone From crisp cookies and squashes drenched with the richness of luscious strawberries for your whining toddler who is not fond of the traditional sources of prebiotics like asparagus, oats, or barley to sweet honey and jaggery loaded with the goodness of fiber for your aging father who loves to feast on everything sweet but then faces the awful gastronomical aftermath of these savories.

Researched and developed by experts, our products contain little to no added chemicals & preservatives (Natural). In each of our smart prebiotic food products, we have squished the benefits of prebiotics into little pouches of health and taste— only because we know that a happy gut translates to a happy you!

Our Mission

Pioneers of Prebiotic Revolution in India and adynamic entity in the wellness space, G Well’th is gearing up to become the No 1 supplier of natural prebiotics while simultaneously efficiently catering to the national and global market. Having tapped the early mover advantage in the Indian prebiotic (hi-fiber) industry, we have successfully carved a niche for providing organic, innovative solutions to everyday family health problems and are committed to one day embrace every home in sound health.

Our Vision

  • To leave no stones unturned in educating the popu‐lace about the critical role prebiotics play in ensuring good gut health and the importance of the same.
  • Bestowing people with a robust immune system that in turn, will make the mind and gut work in harmony and protect them from multifarious illnesses around the clock.


Why does your body need Prebiotics more than ever before?

Modern lifestyle is plagued with several issues like irregular diet, imbalanced nutrition, time constraints, and preference for indulgent food. It is no surprise that the employment epicenters, namely the metropolitan cities of the country are witnessing an upsurge in patients suffering from a multitude of life-threatening diseases like diabetes, cancer, obesity, stress, and heart complications. Yet before the pandemic, people’s frenzied lifestyle made them remain oblivious to the wonderful capabilities their own immune system possessed. It is only now that the novel Coronavirus that has so far affected over 1.5 million globally and killed more than 100,000 people, is making people want to boost their immune systems. There are no ‘miracle’ remedies to curb the pandemic but a central player in the fight against

the COVID-19 is your immune health. Even if you contract the virus, the immune system which is an intricate network of units that act together as the Army to combat foreign invaders will fight this ruthless virus for you. G Wellth with its exclusive range of smart Prebiotic foods for your smart immune system is all set to strengthen your body’s soldiers to make you fitter, healthier and happier. Nutritious and sustainable from soil to shelf, our products are a healthy choice for you, a promising choice for our farmers, and a green choice for Mother Earth as a whole.

G’Wellth with its exclusive range of smart Prebiotic foods for your smart immune system is all set to strengthen your body’s soldiers to make you fitter, healthier and happier.


Mr. Pritam Lingwal’s brainchild, Sri Gayatri Organics and Herbal Products started as a proprietor firm in 2009, for trading and aggregation at Mumbai’s APMC market. It was originally a certified organic store.

During this period, his wife Mrs. Pushpa Lingwal continued to assist him from home while still educating herself about the dynamics of the Prebiotics industry. After having shifted to Uttrakhand in 2016, they planned to go for a manufacturing unit of organic and natural products like beverages and repacking of organic honey. It was then when Mrs. Pushpa Lingwal took her first plunge into entrepreneurship. With Mr.Lingwal’s guidance and her commitment and diligence, she soon established Sri Gayatri Organics and Herbal products.


After having lost a son to Muscular Dystrophy at the tender age of 14, Mr. and Mrs. Lingwal were deeply moved. During the past few years, while battling his sickness, their son Shiva had lost his appetite and was deriving little to no energy from the limited amount of food that he was consuming. It was then that they decided to devise a kind of food that would procure the maximum energy with minimum quantity and after months of trial and error, they successfully formulated their exclusive range of smart Prebiotic products that ensured a healthy, illness-free gut and a strong immune system. Together with their determination and resilience, they proved to us that difficulties are meant to rouse and not discourage us and that if life can be tough, so can we.


The path from the conception of the idea to its execution was full of ups and downs. Initially, when they started, people had very little awareness about immune health and were reluctant to try out prebiotics due to the presumption that they are absolutely fit and fine. However, after the onset of the Coronavirus, once people became aware of the imminent dangers that this virus poses to humanity, they increasingly became conscious of their immunity and realized that a robust immune system is of paramount importance at this juncture.


Son of a military man and a Mumbai University graduate, Mr.Pritam Lingwal is the living example of the classic proverb “Courage is not the absence of fear but the triumph over it.” An astute professional with 30 years of industrial experience in International Marketing & Sales (with Six Sigma Green Belts), Mr.Lingwal’s life was full of ups and downs. Despite battling monumental challenges in his personal and professional life like his son’s incurable illness and heavy losses in business, he never gave up hope and embarked on a tremendously inspirational expedition. After landing in Uttarakhand with a meager sum of Rs.500 in his pockets, he put his heart and soul into what he was doing and within a year, ended up making a mammoth turnover of 25 lakhs. Today he stands as the proud President of Sri Gayatri Organics and his life journey from struggle to success has also been featured in the reputed magazine ‘Entrepreneurship and Inspirational Entrepreneurs of Himalaya’ by DP Dimri. He proved to us that Dreams and Dedication are a powerful combination and if one is passionate enough towards their goals, they have already set themselves apart from the crowd as the Champion.